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Shop Building Drawings - Shop Drawings Samples

Shop drawing is detailed and drawn version of contractor's construction document and is generally used for explaining fabrication or installation of a particular item.

Shop drawings are necessary for pre-fabricated components and are usually focused on specific area, to provide a thorough understanding of installation to the contractor's installation crews.

Examples include column/beam shop drawing, assembly drawings, etc. Send us your steel detailing/shop drawings projects requirement today and save 60% on your projects.

Typical shop drawings for few structural components like beam, column, handrail and stair are shown below.

Assembley Drawings

Assembley Drawing

Structure Grating

Structure Grating Layout

Steel Beem Shop Drawing

Steel Beem Shop Drawing

Steel Column Shop Drawings

Steel Column Shop Drawings

Beam Shop

Beam shop Drawing

Column Shop Drawings

Column Shop Drawings

Handrail Shop

Handrail Shop Drawing

Shop Building

Shop Building Drawings

Stair Detail Shop Drawings

Stair Detail Shop Drawings