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Structural 3D BIM Modeling

We specialize in creating customized structural design, detailed 3D modeling and Building information modeling as per your specifications or requirements. We have structured workflow that has enabled us to deliver high quality and cost effective 3D modeling design and building information modeling (BIM) services for all types of buildings, stadiums, railway structures, bridges, shopping malls

Our Customer centric approach has given us the cutting edge in the field of structural 3D modeling and building information modeling. We have skilled team who strive to capture every aspect of 3D modeling project and the final 3d model transforms your perception into reality down to the smallest detail.

Our 3D models are designed to the last screw or bolt and contain all the information required for structural design, manufacturing and construction resulting in a consistent output.

The BIM created by our team greatly enhances productivity by allowing easy use of information such as quantities, specifications and manufacturer's details, and provides interactive links between architectural, engineering and construction document related information.

Some of our 3D modeling and BIM services include:

  • Individual parts like beams, columns, slabs and their exact placement in a rendered 3D model
  • Special structures like Retaining walls, Water Retaining Structure
  • Shallow, deep and machine foundations
  • Sheet pile foundation
  • Steel, Reinforced Cement Concrete and composite beam framing
  • Roof Truss and Joist details
  • Steel connection details
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete/Steel Chimney with Necessary Reinforcement Detailing
  • Handrails and staircases
  • Pre-stressed structures
  • Lumber structures
  • Curved and planar structures of side shell, decks, bulkheads, tanks, masts, funnels, bridges, transmission towers etc. by positioning the plates, stiffeners, penetrations/ deck pieces, platforms, brackets etc.

If you have any queries about our 3D modeling and BIM services or would like to see some of our 3D modeling or BIM samples, please feel free to contact us.