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Structural 2D Design and Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis is a process to anticipate and adjudge sustainability, durability and behavior of structures. In simple terms, load bearing ability is the major aspect considered and looked after in structures while carrying structural analysis.

Footing Design

Footing or Foundation is a structure that transmits the load to earth. Footings are generally classified in 2 categories, i.e. shallow footings and deep footings. Footing Design involves checking that the ground has sufficient bearing resistance to withstand vertical actions, sufficient sliding resistance to withstand horizontal and inclined actions, and sufficient stiffness to prevent unacceptable settlement.

Column Design

Columns are elements to bear the axial force and column design checks the axial and the buckling capacity of the element. An ideal column design requires critical analysis of the degree of bending under an axial load.

Retaining Wall Design

Retaining Wall Design is a design of a structure constructed to resist the thrust produced by the lateral pressure of soil. Various types of retaining wall design include concrete retaining wall design, cantilevered retaining wall design, sheet pile retaining wall design, etc.

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