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Price Structure at Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services

We offer cost effective structural steel detailing services without compromising on quality. Our pricing depends on the volume, complexity and turn around time of the project. The time difference between our offshore facility located in India and that of Europe, United States and Australia ensures effective extension of your working to almost 24 hours. We work six days a week and operate a double shift i.e. 16 hours a day.

Some of the information about our pricing structures is given below:

Hourly Approach

In this method, we provide custom quotes and turnaround time after reviewing the project details based on how much productive hours it will take to achieve final output. This approach is ideal for small to medium scale projects where the project timeline and budget are limited.

Project Based Approach

In this approach, we provide quotation and the turnaround time after reviewing the project details. This approach is preferable for medium and large scale projects where the project timeline and budget are fixed.

Man Month Arrangement

In this approach, we work as a virtual extension of your team. We offer you our Man Month arrangement. In such an arrangement, we dedicate as many employees as you may require for working exclusively for your company on full time basis (8 Hrs a day, 5 Days a week i.e. 160 hours a month).

Send us your structural drafting, design or steel detailing requirements and save 60% on your needs.